CVH TEAM WARMUP JACKET - Soft Shell Full Sublimation Design.

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The final pricing of these Jackets is dependant upon the total quantity ordered as they are custom printed and then sewn.   The price shown is on the high side and we will be issuing partial refunds if the quantity is higher than anticipated.

FABRIC: 290g Softshell+ binding trim cuff

    NAME imprint  onto left arm . NUMBER onto right chest.

    PLEASE CONFIRM # and SPELLING OF NAME in comments section. We will cross reference it to team roster and inquire of any issues. 

    Generally speaking they run slightly smaller / slim cut than other typical warm ups.

    These are custom designed, Dye / printed then hand sewn. Unfortunately It takes approx 5 Weeks after placing the order to get them.  We will update you as to the progress.

     MFG INFO:   

    "Our softshell jacket is a classic design that is manufactured from our heavyweight 4-way stretch woven softshell fabric. This fabric offers the highest degree of comfort, range of motion and beautiful finish and drape. The softshell fabric is also wind and water resistant which makes it an excellent 3 season jacket"