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TYPICAL MATERIALS:  High resolution printing of professional grade vinyl with clear laminate for durability.  Base is 3mm-4mm PVC sheet stock. It provides for a flat surface yet still a light weight easy mounting. 

TYPICAL MOUNTING:  We recommend using minimum 4 screws, predrilled thru the corners and directly into the substrate. Durable double sided tape can also be used depending upon the substrate and location.   

This sign is custom designed and made for each store based upon that stores specific needs.  We understand typically each store has (20) RED VEST MENTORS.  If your store is unique, you can send us a hand written sketch via text or email and we will make a digital mockup for your approval before printing.  We mount heavy duty card pockets onto the face to hold a photo and information card for each person.  The price varies on this item due to the quantity of places (and how many cards it will need) as well as the amount of design work necessary. 

Due to the additional clear pocket holders and labor to install, this is one of our most expensive signs.  

PRICE RANGE:  is $180 - $210 for the LAMINATED SIGN. 

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Heavy Duty Card Pockets, purchase and installation (30-40)  $85 - $130

TOTAL COST w S/E Michigan delivery to store: $300 - $340