Thank You for your interest in the items we have setup to be imprinted with the BSMC LOGO PATCH.

By request, we have added another color option to the collection.  the end date for this sale is Wednesday, Febuary 14th.   The " Store " will likely be remaining open, however there will be a cost increase of approximately 15% - 20% for orders of less than 5 items, due to our direct costs to get them items from our distributors...  

The PATCH is designed to be installed onto the left sleeve of the item, specifically so it can be worn under the Lowe's Vest.  The Patch is heat applied, using permanent adhesive and made from a combination of sublimated twill and conventional embroidery.  Using a heat applied embroidered patch allows us to embolden items, particularly the thin Poly materials, without the puckering and low washability as is common with conventional direct sewn embroidery.   As with any embroidered or screenprinted item, standard washing is acceptable, but we ask you avoid extremely hot drying, and do so inside out. 

If you have a special request for the location or need additional items, like name or Veterans Patch, just let us know.  You can call me on my cell at (248) 982-4755 or email me at and we will do our best to make your items exactly to your needs.